Roots of Clinton Park Inn

The story of Clinton Park Inn begins with the personal experience and vision of Mr. Sabastine, an industrialist from Chennai running a successful motor lubricant manufacturing company. On his many trips to Velankanni over four decades, he couldn’t help but notice that the town lacked hotels of desirable quality. He felt that visitors to Velankanni certainly deserved better and the seed of an idea was sown. His dream was to offer luxury hospitality to the ever increasing pilgrims, especially from far away cities in India and abroad. He wanted visitors to take away pleasant memories of their welcome to Velankanni, a comfortable stay and facilities that matched global standards.

He wanted Clinton Park Inn to be built to exacting standards, housing every convenience a modern traveller would expect. He also saw it as a destination for exceptional value at an exceptional location and serve as a gateway to Velankanni’s best. Today, as testimony to a dream fulfilled, the hotel is a landmark ready to serve its guests and do the town of Velankanni proud.

Mr. Sabastine


Mr. James Stephen

Executive Director.